New York cops drive into crowd as sympathy protests echo across the world

The protests in America at racial discrimination and police brutality continued. In New York, two police cars drove into protestors.

Police bosses arrested

A police general, three brigadiers and three colonels have been arrested for tender fraud in early morning raids.

Another Eastern Cape mayor tests positive

The OR Tambo district municipality in Umtata in the Eastern Cape has confirmed its mayor, Thokozile Sokanyile, has tested positive for Covid-19.

Western Cape could have one of world’s highest Covid-19 death tolls

Covid-19 could kill 9,300 people in the Western Cape this year.

Soldiers rescue family from burning car

A family was saved from a burning car in Boipatong by SANDF soldiers and police.

Easter Cape premier quarantined

Eastern Cape premier Oscar Mabuyane has decided to quarantine himself at his house after a colleague tested positive for the coronavirus.

Lesotho top cop arrested in SA

Lesotho's no.2 top cop has been arrested and fined in South Africa.

R50,000 reward for liquor zama zamas

Shoprite is offering a R50,000 reward for information on the thieves who tunnelled into a Jo’burg liquor store to steal R300,000 worth of liquor.

Trump hides in underground bunker while America burns

President Donald Trump went to an underground bunker at the weekend as protests raged in Washington DC and across the United States.

Life at level 3

South Africa has changed gear to lockdown level 3. But there’s still lots of uncertainty – as government walks the tightrope between saving the economy and controlling the virus.

Silent killer

What makes Covid-19 so deadly is that so many infected people get no symptoms.  Without knowing they have it, the infected can then pass the disease to the more vulnerable, who risk dying.  In Britain, one of the world’s top Covid-19 hotspots, new data shows that 70% who tested positive showed...

License to puff

The government’s obsession with stopping cigarette sales under lockdown has led to a new warning.  Police Minister Bheki Cele said people carrying cigarettes should have receipts – to prove they were not bought illegally. “If you are having it in your pocket whether in  large or small quantities we would like to...
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