Patrollers claim women are targeted, cops say crime knows no gender

Public safety officer Joel Mabaso and patrollers in Dobsonville, Soweto claim thugs have been targeting women who live alone because they are easy targets.

Human trafficking: “Cries for help increasing”

The Salvation Army reports that 80% of the total calls they receive in South Africa are related to human trafficking, with the requests for help increasing over the last three months.

ANC Integrity Commission STILL waits for Mkhize

George Mashamba, the chairperson of the Integrity Commission, told Scrolla.Africa that they will reach out to the minister and map a way forward.

Nation braces for stern family talk

Image of Ramaphosa
President Cyril Ramaphosa will address the nation at 8pm on Tuesday evening to discuss developments in the country’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Cops arrested for taking R1,000 bribe to let a child rapist walk free

Image of SAPS badge
How much does it cost to pretend that the rape of a nine-year-old child didn’t happen?

ANC fighting a mountain of debt as tenderpreneurs pull out

Paul Mashatile
It’s all the classic symptoms of a business going out of business. The ANC now owes over R250 million to various service providers and has yet to pay staff salaries for the month of May.

Sangomas: We want the gobela to remain in custody

Sangoma Gobela
There could be more charges pressed against the gobela who allegedly raped his twasas in Alexandra, Johannesburg.

Boxer robbed of treasured championship belts

It was one fight that boxing champion Innocent Mantengu could not win: a large group of thugs overwhelmed him and robbed him of his boxing belts.

Mountains of laundry surrounding Matlala hospital

From a distance it looks as if Matlala Hospital has been abandoned for months.