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The gods are not amused

Nigerian porn star King Tblak has been arrested for filming an adult movie in the sacred forest of the Yoruba people.

Lockdown devastates Durban musicians

Club DJ and electro music artist Sbi Techn moved from Krugersdorp to Durban to be closer to his fans. After all, Durban, or eThekwini, has become a home for some of the most exciting music in SA. But then the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown changed everything.

World on Fire

As global warming accelerates, terrible fires have devastated many parts of the world this week.

Miss Albinism SA, more than just a beauty pageant

They have been called ‘aliens’. Some kill them because they believe their body parts make powerful ‘muthi’.

Alex united in quest for justice for Jabulile

Over 200 people came to mourn and say their last goodbyes to slain Alexandra school girl Jabulile Nkosi on Saturday.

Exile of naughty baboon stirs trouble in the Cape

The locals call him Kataza or Nkatazo – which means trouble.

Africa’s got virtual talent

The singing sensations from rural Limpopo were back on America’s Got Talent, with a special virtual performance this week.

Alex schoolgirl murdered days before her birthday

Jabulile Nkosi was due to turn 19 years old this Friday, September 11. But a week before her big day, the Grade 12 pupil from East Bank High School was found murdered with three bullet wounds on her body.

George Bizos, lawyer and friend of Mandela, dies at 92

George Bizos, best known as Nelson Mandela’s lawyer and life-long close friend, has died aged 92. This year has seen the passing of the last three of the Rivonia trialists who were convicted with Mandela and sentenced to life in prison on Robben Island. They were defended at the trial in the early 1960s by Bizos.

“God’s punishment” for holy man

The head of a church in Europe who blamed Covid-19 on gay people has been hospitalized with Covid-19.

We have been recovering from a war – Ramaphosa

Don’t blame Covid-19 or the economic meltdown. President Cyril Ramaphosa says getting over the Jacob Zuma years is like recovering from a war.


Ivy Karidza’s son was born an albino. Since he was born in 2017, Ivy has never known peace. Sangomas, prophets, businesspeople - they all want to buy, steal, or grab him.