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Covid kids struggle to take disease seriously

The good news is that all 204 learners who got Covid-19 at Makaula Senior – the biggest school outbreak in SA – have recovered. The bad news is that it makes it harder to get children and parents to take the virus seriously.

Commuters threaten taxi boycott

Taxi bosses are due to receive a taste of their own medicine when thousands of commuters reject the latest taxi fare increases

Helping a late hero’s family

Hundreds of firefighters have come together to rebuild the destroyed house of the late firefighter Samuel Mthobo Sambo, who died in a car crash in 2005.

Hero school principal gets Covid-19 as his learners recover from mass infection

Just about all the 204 learners who were infected by the coronavirus at a boarding school in the Eastern Cape have beaten Covid-19. But now the school's principal has become infected.

Beds for superheroes

Healthcare workers with Covid-19 need a place to quarantine and recover. At the same time, rooms and beds in hotels and guest houses are lying empty, as most tourism and travel has stopped. Ubuntu Beds tries to solve these two problems.

“They kicked me in my genitals. I asked them about what happens to my children’s rights.”

This video of police dragging this naked man from his shack has already done this:

Covid crisis strikes Eastern Cape health workers

Already overwhelmed by the rising cases of patients with Covid-19, the Eastern Cape government has confirmed some 888 nurses and doctors have also been infected by the coronavirus.

Grandmother and toddler killed in Meadowlands house blaze

A house fire killed a 68 year old grandmother and a five year old toddler in Meadowlands on Saturday.

Malawi is smiling

Lazarus Chakwera became Malawi's new president on Sunday after months of street protests and a decision by the Constitutional Court to have a new election.

Arrest us if you dare, say taxi operators

Taxi operators are preparing to flout the law and ignore the threat of coronavirus by returning to full loads from Monday.

Covid fear haunts harvest time in Mount Frere

It is harvest time at Lugangeni village in Mount Frere in the Eastern Cape, but everywhere you go villagers are wearing masks and are clearly shaken by news that over 200 learners from their local boarding school have tested positive for the coronavirus.

Forever smiling

On Friday we reported on Zinhle Kweza's murder, in the video and article above. Today we report on her life.