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Watt the hell?

Alexandra is short of space. So when a resident had to extend his house to accommodate his extended family he ran into a problem.

Taxi drivers block roads on one-day strike

Gauteng taxi drivers blocked roads on Monday as they went on strike for the day to demand a bigger bailout from government. They are now due back on the road on Tuesday.

“Stay in bed”, taxi drivers tell commuters

Taxi drivers in Gauteng were still threatening on Sunday evening to strike on Monday. In a video on social media, taxi men tell commuters not to waste their time looking for a ride on Monday morning.

Taxi owners threaten nationwide shut down

Hundreds of thousands of Johannesburg commuters will be stranded on Monday if taxi operators make good on their threat to down tools.


It's double trouble for Durban's crooks. Now they're up against a woman who's a private investigator...and a sangoma!

Angry taxi operators say government has “slapped us in the face”

Taxi commuters in Northern Johannesburg might have to walk to work on Monday after taxi associations rejected government’s Covid-19 relief package as too little.


Linda Twala has been a godfather to Alexandra for half a century. He has spent most of his life protecting victims of apartheid - arranging graves for activists killed by the police, and giving food and clothing to the poor. Now he has another enemy to deal with - Covid-19.

Jo-burg taxi bosses back down on huge price hike

The two Alexandra taxi associations which planned to increase fares almost 200% have stopped the price hike - for now.

Jo’burg taxi fare hikes to go ahead

Taxi commuters in Johannesburg face steep fare increases next week – despite the Gauteng government saying the fare hike has been called off.

Covid-19 risk in village taxi rides

With Covid-19 cases on the rise, taxi passengers in rural Eastern Cape are at risk from overcrowding on their long dusty commutes.

“The corona disease has been eliminated by God”

Tanzania’s president John Magufuli is also denying the impact of the virus.

Brazilian cover-up

Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro has tried to hide Covid-19 infection and death numbers from the public.