Over-performing Newcastle smell success

By Dylan Bettencourt

When Newcastle United got their new mega-rich Arab owners, fans felt success would surely come their way.

But what their fans would not have expected is that just 18 months after fighting to stay in the Premier League, they would be playing in the Uefa Champions League.

A goalless draw against Leicester secured Champions League football for the Magpies for the first time in over two decades.

Success was inevitable but Newcastle have by far exceeded all expectations brought upon them when millions of pounds were invested in the club.

Newcastle have by no means been outrageous in their signings, opting for smarter moves in players that seem to want to stick around for a long time.

Manager Eddie Howe has done an outstanding job in reaching the club targets years ahead of schedule as they push to become future Premier League champions.

While that may be years away, becoming an English giant is certainly on the cards for the Toon Army.

Many expected Newcastle to follow the Manchester City path after a massive financial takeover but so far, that has not been the case.

City signed superstars in their first few seasons and built the club into a giant of English football before winning their first league title in 2012.

However, Newcastle has plenty of what City lacks in history and heritage. All of that just makes success so much sweeter when it does arrive.

But Newcastle do not look satisfied just yet.

Champions League qualification seems to be a mere stepping stone to much greater success in the future, using the foundations they have laid this season.

If the recruitment is near-perfect in the summer transfer window, Newcastle could challenge for the title next season — or they could suffer a hangover from the success of this season. 

Another major issue will be dealing with the number of fixtures that arrive as they gain more success. Newcastle will have to build a squad that can keep up.

But one thing is for sure, they are in it for the long haul and will be at the very top for years to come.

Pictured above: Newcastle United celebrating

Image source: Newcastle United


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