Oops! Minister impregnates his deputy ‘by mistake’

By Everson Luhanga

Tony Mwaba Kazadi, the Minister of Education for the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), has impregnated his Deputy Minister, Aminata Namasia.

But the minister defended himself by saying he impregnated his deputy by mistake.

Local media in the DRC reported that the two ministers are both married and are said to have been involved in an extramarital affair.

The affair was brought to light by a DRC journalist named Lungila John, who shared the details on Twitter. The revelation of the affair and the pregnancy sparked a scandal in the DRC and quickly spread across social media, going viral.

But Namasia has turned the allegations into a political battle.

“Beyond my official and public duties, I have a personal life that deserves respect from everyone. It is a right guaranteed to all Congolese citizens by our Constitution. Tarnishing my reputation should not be tolerated.

“In fact, it could not only harm my own commitments but also the reputation of my married male colleagues and their families,” Namasia said.

“As we approach the upcoming elections scheduled for December this year, political critics are welcome to challenge my political opinions and actions instead of resorting to tactics that aim to defame me.”

It is unclear what the future holds for businessman and politician Kazadi and his alleged side chick Namasia.

Namasia is a lawyer by training, and she has worked in the education sector for many years. Both Kazadi and Namasia are members of the DRC’s ruling party, the People’s Party for Reconstruction and Democracy.

The DRC government has not yet commented on the situation, and it is possible that both ministers could be fired.

Pictured above: Tony Mwaba Kazadi


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