Officer, I wasn’t speeding… It was my dog!

A man in Slovakia has been fined after his dog was pictured behind the wheel of a speeding car.

The pooch looks cool, calm and collected as it casually drives 11 kilometres over the speed limit.

Traffic officers couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the image, which shows no owner in sight.

However, when they tracked him down, he apparently told them that he was in fact the driver of the vehicle and his dog suddenly hopped on his lap a few moments before the camera photographed them.

The baffled traffic cops shared the unbelievable story on Facebook, writing that they had captured a “brown dog sitting obediently behind the wheel of a Škoda,” according to an English translation.

They went on to have some fun with the story, writing out an imaginary conversation between the dog and an officer.

In the voice of the police: “Mr. Dog, you exceeded the speed in the village: your driving documents, please…”


“Please, I don’t have them,” barked the dog.

“Well, you’ll pay extra for that. Do you have anything at all?”

 “I have nothing…” the dog replied.

The police ended their post by reminding readers of the importance of road safety.

Compiled by staff writer

Pictured above: A driving dog with a need for speed

Image source: Facebook

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