Musk skips out on Twitter office rent

Elon Musk wants to make as much money as he can as the boss of Twitter – so much so that the social media platform has stopped paying rent on its offices.

After firing the majority of Twitter’s staff, Musk has now introduced more ways to make additional profit.

One of those measures is not paying rent for its offices across the United States, The New York Times reported.

Musk’s cost-cutting measures go from huge to petty. Twitter is said to have refused to pay for R3.5 million worth of private flights taken in October, and the company recently listed office supplies up for auction

The worst, however, involves employees. The South African-born businessman has also reportedly told staff that the company will no longer offer severance packages, i.e pay or benefits that employees may be entitled to when they’re pushed out of a job.

When Musk took over Twitter, he immediately fired around 50% of the platform’s 7,000-person workforce, with the promise they would all receive three months’ pay plus one month of severance pay.

Musk, who is now the world’s second richest man after being overtaken by French businessman Bernard Arnault, is said to be looking into breaking that promise.

Twitter as an application and platform remains free to use, but it would not come as a surprise if, in the future, Musk put in place a paywall to use the platform.

Compiled by Dylan Bettencourt

Pictured above: Elon Musk

 Image source: Fox News


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