Mob justice for thug who screamed in the wrong yard

By Everson Luhanga

Albert Sithole, 24,  better known as the brutal criminal MaSeven, found himself in a yard where he thought his sister lived. But he was in the wrong yard, and he got beaten to death for his mistake.

Sithole, allegedly blind drunk after attending a party, apparently didn’t recognise his sister’s yard in Thembisa’s Madelakufa section.

He entered the wrong yard where the terrified people living on the property unleashed community members on him.

He was beaten and stoned to death by angry Madelakufa residents in the early hours of Monday morning.

A community member who asked not to be named said Sithole was known in the community as MaSeven. 

“MaSeven was terrorising the community of Madelakufa, entering their shacks and raping, robbing and also injuring victims. He had stolen cellphones and he was found with a few [and] the owners took them,” said the resident.

“It is said that he was originally from Alexandra and he was hiding from a mob in Alex.”

Lekoshtina Mathabela, who identified herself as Sithole’s sister, said he was at a party on Sunday night when he decided to visit another sister who lives not far from where the party was.

“Albert entered the wrong yard and started calling out his sister’s name. He was screaming his sister’s name and woke up the owner of the yard,” said Lekoshtina.

“Residents came out in numbers and assaulted Albert to death. After killing him, they dumped him in the river.”

The police’s aquatic rescue team was called to the scene to retrieve the body. 

Thembisa SAPS spokesperson Sergeant Patricia Mgijima said police “tried to get information from the bystanders but no one was willing to come forward”.

Pictured above: The crime scene. 

Image source: Everson Luhanga


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