Man, thought to be dead for 33 years, spotted by relative begging for money

Elmon Tshikhudo

John Tshamaano Thahame, from Hamangau outside Makhado, was born in 1961 and passed on in March 1989 after an illness.

He was buried and a tombstone with his name was erected. It was unveiled the same year and the family was happy that their relative was sleeping in peace in his final resting place.

But now it appears that John has come alive in another part of the country!

Things took a strange turn when a family member working at a filling station at Bandelierkop, about 50km from his home, noticed a beggar who used to come to the garage asking for food.

After being confronted he disappeared and never came to the garage again. It was only last week that the man resurfaced and the relative took him home.

A family member, who did not want to be identified, confirmed the man has features that make them sure he is their relative.

The question that arises, is who is buried in John’s grave?

“The body we buried was not properly checked before the actual funeral. We don’t have much to say about this but we will get DNA testing done which will solve this puzzle,” said the relative.

The local police confirmed they were called to a family after the community started gathering at their house.

“We found a group at the house. We found a man who can’t even speak. The family says he is their relative and we can’t decide for them,” the police said.

“We will wait until all processes have unfolded. The DNA tests will confirm the truth.”