Makwarela kept his insolvency a secret

By Karabo Rammutla

The ANC in Tshwane says outgoing mayor, Murunwa Makwarela, never disclosed to them that he was an unrehabilitated insolvent.

ANC Tshwane chairperson, George Matjila, told Scrolla.Africa that they were shocked after City Manager Johann Mettler announced that Makwarela has been disqualified as a PR councillor.

“Not once has he ever told us that there was a legal situation barring him from becoming a public representative,” said Matjila. 

However, Matjila said they will continue to work with Cope.

“If they filed their candidate and we have an agreement, we will vote with them,” he said.

Makwarela was declared insolvent in 2016. He had been sequestrated by the Gauteng High Court in August of 2016.

In a statement, City Manager Mettler said Makwarela is disqualified in terms of Section 47(1)(c) of the Constitution, which states that people who are “unrehabilitated insolvent” cannot hold public office. 

Mettler has given Makwarela until Tuesday to prove that he has been rehabilitated. 

The disqualification means Tshwane is without a mayor since only sworn-in councillors can be sworn in as mayors.

The DA is said to have brought Makwarela’s insolvency to light.

In a statement that welcomed his disqualification, the party said they were unable to find evidence of a rehabilitation order in the matter.

“So we wrote to the city manager and the IEC to ask that Cllr Makwarela be requested to produce evidence of his rehabilitation,” the DA wrote. 

On Sunday the City Press reported that in 2016 Makwarela was sequestrated due to debt of a house in Magalieskruin in Tshwane and in 2019 he owed BMW finances department R255,000. 

Pictured above: Murunwa Makwarela has been disqualified as a PR councillor therefore losing the mayorship of Tshwane 

Image source: @Murunwa-Makwarela


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