Makhadzi accused of shoving backup dancer off stage at live show

Sizwe Sibiya

Makhadzi, known by her legions of fans as the African Queen, has shaken the internet yet again after she was filmed shoving one of her backup dancers off the stage at one of her shows.

The footage was taken during a concert held on Saturday at the Moonlight Tavern in Madibogo in the North West.

The “Ghanama” hitmaker apologised to her dancer shortly after the video began to circulate on social media. She said in a statement that she was in fact trying to “push” the dancer closer as she was making the stage wet and slippery with the water she was spraying.

The incident took place during Makhadzi’s performance of “Ma Yellow Bone”, a fun-loving song about popping champagne and partying.

“I saw (that) she wants to pour water on the stage. Unfortunately if she poured water on the stage we can’t continue performing because the stage will be [wet and slippery]. So I was trying to push her to come closer to me, so that we can try to pour water [on the ground] instead of pouring water on stage,” said Makhadzi, explaining what happened in a live video with fans.

Apparently “push” and “pull” are words which are not only confusing on glass doors, but can be confusing on stage as well

Meanwhile, fans on social media are still debating whether they buy Makhadzi’s confusing explanation. Some think it was an act of bullying, while others claim the girl was very weak, and was only “nudged” by Makhadzi.

What do you think? Watch the video here and decide for yourself.

Video source: @Freckledmpho_sa