Letter From Mt Frere: Happy Easter Weekend Everyone

Zukile Majova

It has been 13 years since I last drove my grandmother to her church for Easter Weekend festivities at Dumsi Mission of the United Methodist Church of Southern Africa, in Ntabankulu.

The almost two-hour drive from her village home to this congregation of Methodist was a personal pilgrimage for me.

And the conversation, how I miss those conversations with my gran.

She was as tough as nails and had no patience for a wimp.

But she listened attentively, she cared and her teachings revived the mind and rejuvenated my soul.

Occasionally she would hold my hand, squeeze it and look me straight in the eye with that reassuring gaze that said everything will be alright.

How I miss that. These were always the very best moments I would spend with her.

She was always jovial around this time of year and she insisted that no matter how badly you started your year, you could redeem yourself and get a fresh start on Easter weekend.

To my grandmother the year did not start until the morning of Good Friday.

At this time of year, she was thankful for life, her children, her grandchildren and her great grandchildren.

But most importantly it seemed she was grateful for autumn, the season when fresh corn, pumpkin, green beans and all sorts of crops were ripe for the picking in her garden and her maize fields.

Even when she prayed, she prayed for a good harvest.

We buried her in July of 2009 but even to this day all those memories flood back.

I honestly do not know why so many people force matters and drive from Johannesburg or Cape Town to rural KZN and the Eastern Cape, but I drove 800 kilometres from Johannesburg to KwaBhaca every year to drive Mama Nolinda Marhadebe Majova to church.

To me this was the single most important task I had to do all year. I will treasure the memories for eternity.

Bishop Purity Malinga, the presiding bishop of The Methodist Church of Southern Africa says this year is even more special to Christians all over the country.

“Following two years of Covid-19 restrictions on gathering to commemorate Good Friday and Easter, we are grateful to God that this year we are able to gather physically and celebrate the events of our salvation,” she wrote in her Easter 2022 message this week.

A blessed Easter Weekend everybody!

Image source: @MethodistChurchOfSouthernAfrica