Let’s wheel it to the mall for my birthday!

By Doreen Mokgolo

Mangcoba Mabuya and Kgotso Mabilo are the kings of the Tsakani streets.

It is difficult to miss the wheelchair-bound friends, with Kgotso pulling Mangcoba’s manual chair with his electric model as they race along at 5 kph.

The pair from Tsakani, Ekurhuleni, were spotted by Scrolla.Africa cruising along Modjadji Street on their way to celebrate Kgotso’s 28th birthday.

Motorists and pedestrians could be heard cheering and hooting at the speeding pair.

The two met seven years ago at the Muriel Brand School for learners with special educational needs.

Mangcoba told Scrolla.Africa they have learned to support and hustle together over the years.


“We both love the outdoors. But I had to depend on others to wheel me around. We made a plan to be independent, with Kgotso pulling me behind his electric wheelchair.

“This makes our lives easier because we can access different local places without using transport,” he said. 

The pair refuse to feel sorry for themselves. They have registered a construction company that does odd jobs in the community.

“We might be living with disabilities but that doesn’t mean that we are not able. Over the years we have learnt to make the best out of what we can do for ourselves,” said Mangcoba.

“We have business skills and knowledge in the field. This is an opportunity to create employment in the area because we have employees who help us with tasks that are difficult to manage.”

Kgotso said he is happy to be celebrating another birthday with his long-time friend.

“Mangcoba has become a support structure in my life and he encourages me to pursue my dreams and ambitions and not restrict myself due to my physical limitations,” he said. 

Pictured above: Friends Mangcoba and Kgotso

Image source: Doreen Mokgolo 

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