Lawrence aces matric — 43 years later!

By Doreen Mokgolo

Pensioner Lawrence Xipu from Kwa-Thema Community Learning Centre has proven that it is never too late to achieve one’s dream.

The 63-year-old from Kwa-Thema, Ekurhuleni was one of the thousands of matric learners who sat for their Senior Certificate/National Senior Certificate for the Second Chance Matric, re-write and upgrades.

He dropped out of school 43 years ago in 1980 while in grade 10 to go in search of work to provide for his family.

In an interview with Scrolla.Africa Xipu said in 1993 he went back to complete his matric but failed his Mathematics.

“I was disappointed that I didn’t put as much effort into my studies but at the time I was relieved that I finally have a matric certificate to seek better employment,” he said. 

“I also didn’t have the time and resources to re-write the paper but at the back of my mind, it pained me that my matric certificate was still incomplete. Now that I have the time, I decided to push myself to fulfil this long-term dream.”

Xipu added that he has worked hard with the help of his classmates preparing for the paper.

“We had a WhatsApp study group and we shared different ways to tackle some of the challenging problems.

“I am hoping to get a distinction but if this doesn’t happen I will go back and enrol for another sitting in August to re-write the paper,” he said.

Once he is done with his studies, the pensioner is planning to offer extra lessons to learners at the adult centre.

“I have identified some of the challenges at the school. The classes are overcrowded forcing the teachers to deal with high volumes of learners,” he said.

“I will be using my extra time to contribute to the betterment of the community.” 

Pictured above: Lawrence Xipu

Image source: Doreen Mokgolo


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