Joburg’s water system on brink of collapse 

The City of Gold is facing a massive water crisis as its infrastructure is close to collapse and water company Joburg Water doesn’t have the R64-billion needed for replacement parts and repairs. 

Joburg Water said that 59% of its R115-billion infrastructure needs repairing or replacing. 

It has also failed to meet the yearly 2% infrastructure renewal rate, resulting in a backlog and a risk of increased failures, News24 reported. 

Economists and water officials warn that the lack of investment in water infrastructure will harm the city’s economy and its residents. 

The situation is made worse by a failure to spend infrastructure grants, leading to funds being returned to the Treasury.

Joburg Water has budgeted only R7.3-billion for infrastructure renewal over the next five years, which is well below the required R64-billion for the decade. 

The crisis is emphasised by significant water losses at 42 of the city’s 129 reservoirs, requiring R330-million for repairs. 

Compiled by staff writer

Pictured above: Johannesburg Water reservoir. 

Image source: City of Johannesburg


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