Jesus saves men from a low libido

Elmon Tshikhudo

Sometimes, names go together with people’s deeds.

Jesus Shonisani of Makonde in Thulamela, Limpopo is here to save men with a low libido.

He is fast becoming a hit with men who come from far and wide to have a consultation with him.

His clients receive a special concoction from him, which he claims gives a boost to their prowess.

With challenges like unemployment and other lockdown-related stresses, performance in people’s bedrooms is at an all-time low and many families reach a breaking point as a result.

Jesus says he is changing all that and those who consult with him come back with smiles as they report on how their sex lives have changed for the better.

“I am not being boastful but I can tell you I am the best when it comes to helping people with  bedroom problems. My clients are from all walks of life and I don’t even have to advertise my practice. My clients do it themselves through word of mouth,” he said.

Jesus also claims that he has helped men whose families were falling apart.

A few years ago, he was the talk of the town after a man who consulted at his practice took three spoons of his concoction instead of one.

“The man had an erection for five days non-stop and I had to give him something else to cool him down,” he said.

Another man, who has become a regular client but refused to give his name, said Jesus had saved his marriage of 10 years.

“I have been a regular client here since I discovered that his herbs work. My performance in bed was at an all-time low and my wife was always angry with me. Ever since I met this man, my sex life has changed for the better,” he said.