Izinyokas caught on camera stealing electricity

Everson Luhanga

A couple of izinyokas made a bold move when they decided to connect electricity illegally and in broad daylight.

Unbeknownst to the two men, a community member captured their criminal activity on a cellphone and sent the photo evidence to City Power officials.

When City Power went to the area in Alexandra on Tuesday morning, residents identified the men and where they lived.

City Power spokesperson Isaac Mangena applauded the residents who took the photo and reminded the public that connecting electricity illegally is a criminal offence.

“City Power and ward councillors will open a criminal case against the men in the picture,” said Mangena.

“We thank residents for being the eyes and ears of the entity that is battling to provide power to residents due to overload that is caused by izinyokas.”

Mangena said Alexandra is one of the townships struggling with izinyokas who are costing the city millions of rands due to illegal power connections.

“We will continue clamping down on illegal power connectors and we ask the public to report incidents of illegal power connection in their areas,” Mangena told residents on a WhatsApp messaging group.