How the community came together to help Karabo return to school

Everson Luhanga

When his local community read on Scrolla.Africa that Karabo was sent home from school for wearing worn-out takkies, they came together to donate new school shoes.

Many people in Alexandra in Johannesburg have come forward and donated school shoes and other school resources to Karabo’s family.

Even beyond Alex, people from far and wide have stepped in to help the 14-year-old’s family. People from Johannesburg, Cape Town and England have dug in to help.

As well as school shoes, generous people have donated uniforms and food to the family, which has been a great relief for the boy’s siblings as well!

The excited Karabo Linda went to start his high school at Reaogile in Alexandra on 12 January.

But his high school dreams were blocked at the gate when staff turned him away for wearing worn-out takkies. According to the school rules, these are not acceptable.

Karabo’s mother, Minah Linda, thanked the members of the community who have ensured that her children get a proper education and meals to eat.

She also thanked Scrolla.Africa for highlighting the plight of the family.

“I know the story was about Karabo not being accepted at school. But the story also highlighted the many problems my family is facing,” she said.

Minah said they are a family of 18 members living in a two-room house. Eight of the family members are school children, who don’t have proper school resources.

“Some people have bought us food and one offered my cousin a job since only one out of 18 in the family is working,” she said.

She said not all the children have complete uniforms but at least most of them have something new to wear.

The 46-year-old mother of five said the family relies on child grants to feed the kids, but it is not nearly enough.

Minah had five siblings who all died, leaving her to take care of their children.

Gauteng Department of Education spokesperson Steve Mabona confirmed that the matter has been sorted out.

“There was only one day that the learner was not wearing a uniform. It has since been resolved,” said Mabona.