His sound bite is worse than his bark

Arthur Greene

Nadezhda Serezhkina, a reporter for Russian TV station MIR 24, begins a routine outdoor report in Moscow about the pleasant spring weather – but a shaggy golden retriever has other plans.

In a now-viral video, a golden flash jumps into the frame and snatches Serezhkina’s brightly coloured microphone from her grip and runs off with it with Serezhkina in hot pursuit.

While the news anchor, visible in a split-screen, can only stare wide-eyed at what has just happened, the skilled camera operator has the quickness of thought to follow it all, no doubt knowing good TV when they see it.

Footage then cuts to the anchor, who can’t see the humour in the situation.

Some minutes later, the news cuts back to Serezhikina, now squatting beside the dog, who looks a great deal calmer than when we last saw her.

The correspondent has retrieved her microphone, that now boasts a clearly visible bite mark, and informs viewers that the retriever is a female dog named Martin.

The station said Martin is a “kind and playful” dog and Serezhkina plans to visit her for a follow-up interview.

Video source: @Youtube


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