Hero saves boy, 9, from mob justice

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By Everson Luhanga

A community member rescued a nine-year-old boy from Alexandra after he was caught allegedly stealing cellphones. An angry crowd was ready to teach him a lesson when a man swiftly snatched him away.

The hero, Aaron Malepe, who is the chairperson of the Community Policing Forum (CPF) in Bramley, said other young people caught the boy in Alexandra’s Vezinyawo, which is next to the Stjwetla informal settlement – a place known for mob justice

Stjwetla is a part of Alexandra that is policed by Bramley SAPS.

To Malepe’s surprise, when he took the boy to the Bramley police station, officers told him that the boy was a regular at the station and was well known for stealing in the community. 

“The police were not shocked at all. They told me that it was not the first time the boy had been brought to the station after being accused of stealing.”

Dressed in a melon-coloured top with the words “again and again”, some residents wondered about the reason behind the printed T-shirt.

Malepe told Scrolla.Africa he was informed by the boy’s stepfather that the boy had dropped out of school. “When I went to the place where he stays, I only met his stepfather. His mother was away,” he said.

Malepe said the group of people, which included quite a few young people, some of whom were drunk, wanted to beat the boy.

Pictured above: The boy who was rescued by a Bramley CPF member.

Source: Supplied


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