Hero guard injures three in shootout to save woman

By Everson Luhanga

A heroic security guard shot down three armed assailants to rescue a female motorist from being hijacked and robbed in Linbro Park, north of Johannesburg on Tuesday.

The guard watched from a distance as three men approached a woman in a silver Suzuki when she stopped at a set of traffic lights. Immediately he sensed that something was off.

When he saw the assailants begin to harass the woman and her passenger, he didn’t hesitate.

He rushed over to defuse the situation — but the robbers panicked and pointed their guns at him.

The guard, however, wasn’t spooked; he drew his own firearm and began shooting towards the men.

He managed to hit all three suspects, removing the danger and making sure the victim was able to get away unharmed.


Gauteng provincial police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Mavela Masondo confirmed that the suspects survived the shootout and were rushed to a nearby hospital.

“All three suspects sustained injuries and were taken to the nearest medical care centre where they are under police guard.

“The victim and security officer suffered no injuries and police have opened a case of armed robbery for investigation.”

When Scrolla.Africa arrived at the crime scene, the victims were still at the scene and appeared traumatised by the ordeal.

Inside the cordoned-off crime scene, a white bag was found, which is believed to have been left behind by the suspects.

Local resident Vincent Ndima said the intersection is a hotspot for crime, especially armed hijackers.

“This is not the first incident at the intersection. We need to have police officers to patrol the area often to get rid of all people loitering around.”

Pictured above: Three suspects were injured in a shootout by a security guard who intervened to rescue a terrified motorist

Image source: Everson Luhanga 

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