Gun-toting mashonisa decides guns are bad after her brother points one at her

Everson Luhanga

A mashonisa woman, Nomthandazo Nzondani, routinely enlisted her brother to threaten people with a gun when they took longer than permitted to pay her back.

But when a sibling argument led to the gun being pointed at her, she suddenly became convinced that her brother, Vumani, was a dangerous criminal who needed to be locked up.

Last week, the two siblings threatened a man who they said owed them R15,000, despite taking only R2,000 from Nomthandazo. Vumani threatened to shoot him and they stole his TV. It was their usual process.

But things took a dark turn for Nomthandazo, and on Monday, she found herself on the wrong side of her brother’s gun.

Vumani wanted money from her, and when she said she didn’t have any, he threatened to shoot her.

Now Vumani, who is an ex-convict, has gone into hiding after Nomthandazo signed an affidavit at the Dobsonville police station in Soweto to take him back to prison.

“I am taking the affidavit to the parole officer who should come and arrest him. I don’t want him to be out as he is dangerous to me and other people,” she said.

Nomthandazo said she has left home and is now staying at her friend’s home in fear of her brother.

“I love my brother but he is a criminal that I want to see locked up, and never come back home,” she said.

She said her brother was released from prison in November last year on parole after serving four years of a 10-year sentence for multiple armed robberies.

She said her brother was jailed in early 2000 for similar crimes. “It shows that he is not ready for the outside world. 

“Prison didn’t teach him anything. He must go back,” she said.

A couple who had experienced what it was like to be on the wrong side of Vumani’s gun said it was funny that Nomthandazo had only come to her senses after the gun was pointed at her.

“Nomthandazo came with her brother and other men to threaten us. They left my wife traumatised when they pointed a firearm at me. She watched everything and that’s what she does to many people who owe her money,” the unnamed man said.

“Now the same guy is using the same gun to threaten her. She must sleep in the bed she made,” said the man.