Friday is last day to register and have your say

By Zukile Majova
Political Editor

Friday 23 February is the last day to register to vote or to change your address before the voter’s roll is closed.

With over 27.6-million voters already registered for the 29 May election, the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) says this is South Africa’s biggest voters’ roll ever.

Once the election date has been published in the Government Gazette, no one will be allowed to register.

Ensuring you are registered at a voting station you can go to on voting day is especially important this year because the IEC will not allow anyone to vote where they are not registered.

In the past, voters who were voting outside their provinces would not get the provincial ballot paper but would still be allowed to vote on the national ballot paper.

“The commission reminds eligible voters of the general rule in elections – that is, a person must register where they live and vote at the voting station where they are registered,” the IEC said. 

“The only exception to the rule is that a voter may vote outside the voting district of registration upon notifying the commission by a date to be regulated by the timetable.”

This election has become even more complicated with the inclusion of dozens of independent candidates in the provincial and national elections.

The IEC says after the proclamation of the election date, it will publish the election timetable in the Government Gazette.

The IEC says the timetable will include the following: 

  • Certification of the voters’ roll
  • Publication of details of voting stations
  • Submission of candidates’ nomination
  • Submission of notice to vote outside of the country
  • Applications for special votes

Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana told the nation during his budget speech on Wednesday that the “IEC has been allocated an additional R2.3-billion from the 2024 budget to carry out its work in preparation for the upcoming general elections on May 29”.

“Additionally, R250-million has been set aside for the deployment of law enforcement agencies during the elections period, and R200-million will be allocated for political party funding as they prepare for the general elections,” Godongwana said.

Pictured above: It’s a last-minute dash to register to vote or change voting stations ahead of the May 29 elections.

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