Former Banyana star’s sister attacked with petrol

By Karabo Rammutla

Lindiwe Zitha, the sister of a Banyana Banyana star, was doused with petrol and set alight by her ex-boyfriend. She had obtained a protection order against him, to no avail.

The distressing incident occurred last Thursday. Lindiwe sustained severe burns and her brother suffered minor burns as he attempted to intervene during the altercation.

Following the incident, the boyfriend, Eric Marakalala — who suffered burns on his hands — fled the scene and went into hiding, prompting concerned residents to be on high alert. 

Despite their efforts, he remained elusive. 

However, on Friday, unable to bear the pain any longer, he sought medical attention at a clinic in Mamelodi.

Coincidentally, one of the residents at the clinic, who also happened to be a nurse, had already heard about the horrifying incident. She swiftly took action, keeping him confined in a room while contacting the police.

Lindiwe’s sister, the former Banyana Banyana star Khabo Zitha, revealed that her sibling is currently fighting for her life in hospital. 

Khabo said that Marakalala had a history of abusing Lindiwe and she had obtained a protection order against him. 

She said he would forcefully take the money her sister earned from her taxi business.

Expressing her anguish, the football player described the ordeal as horrific. 

She tearfully shared: “She’s burnt from head to toe. I cry every single day thinking of the pain she’s going through. I don’t know if she will recover from this.”

On Tuesday, Marakalala appeared at the Mamelodi Magistrate’s Court, charged with arson and attempted murder. The case was postponed to 12 June for further investigation. 

Pictured above: Lindiwe Zitha is fighting for her life in hospital after the attack

Image source: Supplied


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