Feud over duelling Ghanamas escalates as Makhadzi’s music video tops the pops

Sizwe Sibiya

Even before its official release, the song “Ghanama” was trending and is still doing well a month later.

The song was first put together by Prince Benza, Makhadzi and the Idibala hitmaker King Monada. 

But what was trending was Makhadzi’s own version, which only features Prince Benza. Makhadzi released the music video on Friday following a dispute with King Monada. 

After their social media fight, the two artists each released separate songs titled “Ghanama” at the beginning of July.

Makhadzi’s featured Prince and King Monada’s featured Limpopo vocalist Mukosi.

Both singles have received reasonable recognition. But Makhadzi’s “Ghanama” is sitting at more than 761,000 views after just three days on YouTube, while King Monada’s currently has no music video.

Meanwhile, King Monada’s label, Bolo Music, unexpectedly cheered the tennis-themed music video on Facebook: “South Africa is Proud Of Makhadzi & Prince Benza for such a beautiful project. The music video is LIT Guys!!! Well Done”.

Video source: YouTube