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By Zukile Majova
Political Editor

Thousands of illegal immigrants streaming into South Africa no longer even have to negotiate a border fence because the recently erected R37 million fence has been destroyed.

Hardly two months after the launch of South Africa’s newest armed force, the Border Management Authority, illegal immigrants are flooding in with the greatest of ease.

Statistics South Africa estimates that over 10 million foreigners live in South Africa.

Illegal immigration has become one of the main election campaign issues for smaller parties like the Patriotic Alliance and ActionSA.

Meanwhile, the third biggest party in the country, the EFF, has called for open borders between SA and its neighbours.

ActionsSA and the PA have promised voters they would get rid of undocumented immigrants in areas they govern.

Former Johannesburg mayor and founder of ActionSA Herman Mashaba was at the BeitBridge border post between South Africa and Zimbabwe on Monday.

Deporting immigrants remains a thorny issue in the country – remember, South Africa’s modern economy and infrastructure is built on the back of migrant labourers from all over Southern Africa.

“Our porous borders are emblematic of the rise in lawlessness in South Africa. They leave South Africans vulnerable to challenges such as illegal immigration, smuggling of counterfeit goods and drugs, human trafficking, stock theft, poaching and lost trade revenue,” said Mashaba.

He also visited three villages in Limpopo that form the pathway for illegal immigrants en route to the big cities.

Traditional leaders from the villages complained about the effects of drugs among young people in their villages, adding that they have complained numerous times to the government.

“All these people who are crossing here go straight to our poor communities, our townships, the informal settlements and villages and hide among our people.

“Once they are there, they bring in counterfeit goods, and allow international drug syndicates to bring drugs into our country,” said Mashaba.

ActionSA will contest the national general elections for the first time in 2024.

In the 2021 municipal elections, the party contested two municipalities in KZN (eThekwini and Newcastle) and three municipalities in Gauteng (Johannesburg, Tshwane and Ekurhuleni) and won 548 000 votes.

Based on these results, the party would have secured seats in parliament, where the last seat allocation quota in 2019 was 46 634 votes per seat.

Pictured above: ActionSA leader Herman Mashaba visited the BeitBridge border post between South Africa and Zimbabwe on Monday.

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