Everson Luhanga

The family of Collins Khosa has shown Scrolla.Africa two videos revealing explosive new detail about how the 40-year-old died last Easter.

The family alleges that Khosa was beaten to death by the army during the level five lockdown while he was in his own yard.

The videos – not yet released publicly – were taken by a terrified tenant living in the same yard who was nearby when Khosa was killed.

The first video is 49 seconds long and the second video, taken in close succession, is 10 seconds long.

There is no direct footage of the incident, but the tapes record yelling and what sounds like a beating.

Explaining the tapes, Nomsa says she was beaten with a sjambok after asking the soldiers to arrest Khosa if they had a case for flouting Covid regulations. She says Khosa then stood by helplessly as he watched her forehead begin to bleed. Then, she says, the soldiers turned to him.

From there, there are sounds of chaos. 

The commander present is heard shouting at Khosa’s sister, Yvonne, who was four months pregnant at the time. She says:

  • You have a big mouth
  • You talk too much
  • Was I talking to you?
  • You think you’re the only one who has ever been pregnant
  • Or maybe it is the pregnancy that makes you talk too much?” 
  • Let’s go

The family says the tenant who captured the footage locked himself in his room, fearing he would be spotted. 

The tenant’s child, who is in the room with him, sounds traumatised, and calls for her mother and father until the chaos subsides.

The circumstances of Khosa’s death have remained unclear. The military ombudsman declared the soldiers actions were irregular, and the family has sued for R10m.

They say the video is now being examined as part of the negotiation with the government over a settlement.

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