Dutch dad of 550 spreads his seed far and wide

A Dutch man who fathered 550 children through sperm donation faces legal action for increasing the risk of incest.

Jonathan Jacob Meijer, a musician from The Hague, is being sued by the mother of one of his many children as well as a Dutch organisation for children conceived through sperm donation.

It may be a smart way to make some extra money but perhaps Meijer was too common a visitor to his local clinic.

So much so that there are genuine fears that he has so many children that the risk of two of them meeting and falling in love is ever so likely.

The musician now lives in Kenya, after being placed on a blacklist for sperm donation following a New York Times investigation.

But that didn’t stop him. It is believed that he continued his generous donation antics in Denmark and Ukraine, Insider reported.

There are guidelines in the Netherlands holding that a sperm donor can only father 25 children from 12 different mothers.


These rules are in place to prevent “inbreeding” and incest, according to the Dutch organisation Donorkind.

A mother, known only as Eva, had a child using Meijer’s sperm in 2018.

“When I think about the consequences this could have for my child, I get a bad feeling in my gut and I become uncertain about his future. How many more children will be added?” she said.

The lawsuit aims to have the musician banned from any further sperm donations and prevented from all communication with the children and their mothers.

The lawsuit also requests that any of Meijer’s sperm lying around in clinics be destroyed.

It is unclear if he will be banned from gathering his 550 children for Christmas dinner.

Compiled by Dylan Bettencourt

Pictured above: Sperm donations

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