Who is this white South African who proudly joined the mob of thousands of protestors who stormed the Capitol in Washington DC last week?

The riotous crowd was made up of fanatical American supporters of Donald Trump – mostly white supremacists, conspiracy theorists and neo-Nazis.

But there was at least one South African among the invaders – this man yelling: “We’ve had enough!”

And it is clear from the many rightwing South Africans who came out of social media to salute the insurrection that he was not alone in his sentiments.

Their violent actions in trying to prevent the certification of Joe Biden as the winner of last year’s presidential election led to the deaths of five people, the arrests of hundreds and the tabling of articles of impeachment against Trump in Congress on Wednesday.

Some of Trump’s allies in government could have helped the invaders with floor plans to pull off their attempted coup. 

The invaders also plotted their attack on Internet chat groups.

While the invasion was underway, this man told One America News:

“I have a message – I’m here from South Africa…

I want you to zoom in on my face….

And I want to tell you I have a message…

For every one of you senators…

And every one of you congressmen out there…

We’re watching. We’ve had enough. OK. We’ve had enough!

The lamb is going to become the lion of Judah!”

So if you know who this is, send us the information on [email protected]

Video: Twitter 

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