DJ Sbi-Techn turns nightmare into a love song

Sizwe Sibiya

Like A Christmas Carol, artist DJ Sbi-Techn had a strange dream on Christmas day. But instead of being visited by three ghosts, the dream inspired his new song “Stay Alive”.

Speaking to Scrolla.Africa about how the single, featuring a vocalist named Polite, came to life, Sbi-Techn said the song came to him as a vision from a strange dream he had on a Christmas Day.

“December 25, 2021 I had a dream. There was no more sunshine in the entire universe, it was only clouds and cold weather.

“I was sitting alone most of the time because those that I love had left me,” explained Sbi-Techn who left Krugersdorp in 2019 to find greener pastures in Durban, where he is now based.

“My dog was with me in the house, however, so I started writing words, hoping this dog would later learn how to read. The title of these letters was: STAY ALIVE,” he continued.

“Then a few weeks ago I decided to write it into a song.”


A vocal-based electronic dance music single, “Stay Alive” was released on Friday, 29 July, under his own recording label Earl Grand, as a pure love song.

“Even when the sun don’t shine, would you stay alive?”

“Would you lay next to me in my bed,” sings Polite in the over four-minute song available on all music streaming platforms.
Meanwhile DJ Sbi-Techn, who had a rough time trying to get gigs during the hard lockdown back in 2020 because of the pandemic, is back playing the decks in different clubs around Durban. He’s sharing stages with aspiring local DJs like DJ Nzuza FKM and DJ Sbudah to name a few.

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