CSA drop all charges against Boucher

Razeen Gutta

Less than a week before head coach Mark Boucher was scheduled to attend a disciplinary hearing for gross misconduct, Cricket South Africa (CSA) have dropped all charges against him.

“There was no basis to sustain any of the disciplinary charges, including charges of racism, against Mark Boucher, the coach of the Proteas Men’s cricket team,” said the CSA in a statement issued on Tuesday morning.

“The Board of CSA has therefore formally and unreservedly withdrawn all of the charges.”

The decision to drop all charges means that the board no longer seeks Boucher’s dismissal from his position as they initially did after the tentative findings from the Social Justice and Nation-Building (SJN) report.

CSA added in their statement that the decision to withdraw charges was made taking into account the decisions of Paul Adams and Enoch Nkwe that they would not testify at the hearings as well as the outcome of Graeme Smith’s arbitration where he was cleared of alleged racism.

Boucher’s contract only expires after the ICC Cricket World Cup in India next year.

The CSA said they appreciated that it has been very difficult for Boucher to deal with these charges hanging over his head over the last few months.

“CSA regrets this,” they said.

CEO of CSA Pholetsi Moseki said they appreciated that Boucher has conducted himself properly and professionally at all times.

“He refused to be drawn into public debates about the charges and carried out his duties with commitment and dedication,” said Moseki.

He said the performance of the Proteas Men’s team over this period has been impressive, particularly in the Test arena.

“This speaks to the efforts of Mark, his support staff and the players,” he said.

“We reiterate that Mark Boucher, Paul Adams and Enoch Nkwe all remain valued members of the CSA coaching fraternity.”