Crooks rob Nigerian Presidential compound

Image of Presidential compound

Nigeria’s reputation for lawlessness intensified this weekend when robbers invaded the residences of two senior aides inside the heavily protected presidential compound in Abuja. 

The People’s Gazette reports that the daring robbery on May 9, since confirmed, prompted the two aides, Ibrahim Gambari and Abubakar Maikano, to leave their residences.

“Their houses were robbed and the robbers packed money and other valuable assets from both houses,” a source told The Gazette. 

A security officer said “the robbers took away as much as possible from both places. What is more unfortunate is that no one has been arrested”. 

The attack at the compound, known as Aso Rock, comes at a particularly embarrassing time for President Muhammadu Buhari who is fighting surging crime and banditry.

Picture source: Premium Times

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