Crime activist dies in robbery

By Everson Luhanga

Crime fighter Teffo Shaun was killed during a business robbery at Leondale shopping centre near Vosloorus, Ekurhuleni.

On Friday, about 10 suspects robbed the shop before killing Teffo, who had responded to the crime scene.

Teffo was killed trying to stop the suspects from leaving the store. 

Police have arrested three of the suspects and are on the hunt for the others. 

A community member who was at the scene told Scrolla.Africa that a group of suspects entered the shop and threatened the staff members and customers with a pistol. 

The staff were ordered to lie down. Then the men ransacked the shop taking staff belongings including their cell phones, cash, car keys and groceries.

“The suspects continued to a liquor store and pointed the firearms at workers and customers and took their belongings, liquor and cigarettes,” he said.

As the suspected thugs left the complex, Teffo, also the owner of a security company, blocked the suspects with his car.

“On their way out, the suspects found a victim blocking the gate using his vehicle. The suspects fired several shots at his car and he managed to escape,” the witness said.

“When the suspects noticed the victim running away, they followed him and shot him in the back at close range.” 

Paramedics attended the scene and certified the victim dead on the spot.

Pictured above: Teffo Shaun who was shot and killed after a business robbery in Leondale near Vosloorus, Ekurhuleni.

Source: Supplied


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