Gatvol mphakathi stones 28 to death in three months

By Everson Luhanga

The latest Gauteng provincial crime statistics show that contact crimes, including murder, rape and kidnapping, have all increased in the province.

The province’s third quarter statistics, which were released on Tuesday, show that illegal possession of firearms and ammunition and cash-in-transit robberies are also on the rise.

Addressing the media at Gold Reef City in Johannesburg, Gauteng provincial police commissioner Lieutenant-General Elias Mawela said the high unemployment rate, load-shedding, and other socio-economic factors remain the root causes of crime in the province.

He said the recorded crime statistics for the third quarter of 2022/2023 has reflected a 7.1% increase under the “17 Community Reported Serious Crimes” category.

“The province contributed 27.1% of the overall crime in the country for this quarter. Assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and common assault are the main contributors to our overall figure of contact crimes,” he said.

From the overall reported murders that occurred during the period, 852 people were killed by firearms, 28 were stoned to death and 24 were killed with a blunt object.

Among the highlighted cases reported in the statistics was that of six decomposed bodies that were discovered at a panel beater in a building in the Johannesburg inner city and a case of murdered sex workers that was initially reported by Scrolla.Africa.

Another case highlighted was of the seven people who were shot dead when four suspects tried to rob street vendors selling chicken feet. 

Mawela said that the police had anticipated an increase in crime during the festive season but despite their efforts to curb crime rate, the statistics show that the police failed to slow it.

He said during the festive season, authorities had to police a lot of events that were categorised as low and medium risk.

Mawela said between October and December 2022, police had to monitor 403 peaceful protests and 97 unrest situations.

“All of these incidents that needed to be attended to, resulted in a diversion of core responsibility as resources were spread to meet our constitutional mandate.”

Mawela finally appealed to other arms of government, the private sector, and society at large to help fight crime. 

“Crime remains a societal problem which requires the whole of government, private sector, and society’s approach and intervention,” said Mawela.

Pictured above: Gauteng provincial police commissioner Lieutenant General Elias Mawela led a multi-disciplinary O Kae Molao operation in De Deur over the weekend

Image source: SAPS / Twitter


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