Cop finds fake pharmacy while looking for a painkiller

Karabo Rammutla

Whilst driving through a township, a police officer felt a headache coming on, so he stopped to look for a pharmacy. What he found was a “pharmacy” of sorts – selling an abundance of strange and illegal medicines.

The cop stopped in Olievenhoutbosch, south of Tshwane, and asked local residents where he could get pain killers. They were only too happy to tell him about a shop which had every type of medicine under the sun.

They gushed about how affordable the miracle shop was and how it sold any medicine you could ever dream of.

After arriving at the dodgy pharmacy, the cop immediately sensed something was wrong after seeing the weird medicines stacked on the shelves, as well as boxes of ammo.

The cop called more officers to the scene.

Tshwane Metro police spokesperson Senior Superintendent Isaac Mahamba said that when the officers arrived at the store they asked the two men running the pharmacy to see its licence.

Mahamba said the two men who ran the pharmacy told the officers that they were not aware that one needed a licence to sell medicine and asked to be forgiven.

Mahamba said upon further questioning the two, it was also discovered that they were in the country illegally.

“The members called the K9 unit and tactical unit members and the store was searched. Benlyn cough syrup, Broncleer and Painagon syrup were found on the premises, and two men, a Mozambican and a Zimbabwean national, were arrested,” Mahamba said.

Residents later told Scrolla.Africa that they never found anything wrong with the makeshift pharmacy run from a spaza shop that they even recommended it to the cop.

But the illegal pharmacy is now closed and its operators are about to face the full might of the law.


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