Car hijackers find they can’t drive – and crash stolen vehicle

Mkhuseli Sizani

It appears that the three thugs were better at stealing cars than driving them.

The howling police sirens and flashing lights were enough to scare the thieves and they panicked and crashed. 

All three suspects were apprehended at the scene by a single police canine, named Mufasa the dog, who has since been praised for stellar police work.

A police officer said the suspects lost control of their vehicle – under minimal pressure – and drove into a pavement because they were afraid of the sirens.

“Immediately we put on our sirens and flashing lights and they panicked. They kept looking in the mirror instead of focusing on the road,” he said.  

Connie Roe, a secretary at Kingdom Play School in Gqeberha, told Scrolla.Africa they were receiving the first two kids at about 6.45am on Monday when they heard the incident taking place.


“Suddenly we heard sirens, a loud bang and two gunshots,” she said. 

“We went outside and saw the police pointing their firearms at the vehicle of the suspects. They ordered them to get out and lie down on the road.”

Chris Molly, a worker in the area, said: “I had just arrived at work when I saw a suspect in a red jacket running away. The security guards also chased him. As he was running he stripped off his clothes to avoid the police dogs but they caught him.”

Captain Sandra van Rensburg said a white VW Polo was allegedly stolen in Wells Estate on Sunday night and early on Monday morning the K9 unit received information that the vehicle was in the Sidwell area. 

“As they spotted the vehicle the driver sped off but hit a pavement at the corner of Rundle and Sutton Roads,” she said. 

“The driver jumped out but Mufasa the dog caught him. The other two also tried to run for it but Mufasa caught them both.”

She said the suspects will appear in court for being in possession of a suspected stolen vehicle.

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