Captain tries to pilot plane after coke binge

Pilot Mike Beaton reportedly took the Joburg party scene to another level during a layover, with a wild night that mixed booze and narcotics.

This spicy tale was revealed when Beaton texted all about his wild adventures to a colleague — everything from cocktails at the bar to some naughty nose candy and a romantic rendezvous!

And he was due to fly a packed BA plane to London the very next day.

His concerned crewmate alerted the big bosses, and the flight faced a major delay. Thanks to Beaton’s “high” jinks, passengers had to twiddle their thumbs for 24 hours.

While our party pilot might have started his night soaring, it crash-landed pretty hard the next morning. 

The Sun reported that after being grassed by his colleague, Beaton was jetted back to the UK, not in the cockpit, but as a regular passenger! 

And yes, he was soon shown the cabin door by BA.


“Safety is always our top priority,” British Airways assured their passengers in a statement. 

Meanwhile, the UK Civil Aviation Authority clipped Beaton’s wings, revoking his medical certification.

Compiled by staff writer

Pictured above: A drunk pilot trying to fly a plane

Image source: Generated by AI tool Midjourney

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