Buzz over YoungstaCPT’s ‘Dagga’

Sizwe Sibiya

Cape Town’s lyrical genius YoungstaCPT paves his own lane without competition, as nobody in the country is doing music like he does.

A product of Cape Town’s tough gangsterism in Wynberg, Youngsta always pens his truth about growing up in a violent community with a drug problem.

“Dagga” is a single from the Dreams Don’t Pay Bills collaborative album, released with music producer Shaney Jay in November 2021. It speaks about how Youngsta, whose real name is Riyadh Emandien-Roberts, sold marijuana, which is also known as dagga in Mzansi slang.

“I remember selling dagga, watching for the gattas, you was in the jol with your brasse.”

“I’m not a role model, yoh, I feel like a fuck up, Life shouldn’t be so hard for the babas,” raps Youngsta on the music video. Everything he says is also displayed visually by iLLRow productions.

From behind a real South African police van, Youngsta begins his first verse by touching on politics that led to him selling drugs in the streets of Cape Town.

“No government grants according to Carte Blanche. Hearing negative remarks started investing in plants.

“Grew it in the yard now we are drying it in jars. The order came in bulk so we buying it in large.”

As much as selling dagga made him and his crew money, Youngsta says he started realising that there will also be consequences for selling illegal drugs-  like losing his freedom by going to jail.

One thing which has made Youngsta successful with his audience is his realism with the streets and his roots as he includes a lot of Cape Town slang and religion in his rhymes.

“I know that I’m a sinner, Allah forgive me, kanalla,”  raps Youngsta, closing the first verse of the over four-minute song.

If you thought the song was fire, you will definitely find the music video which was released on Wednesday, 22 June, “lit”.