Bow down to the golden vagina

Thailand has a new monument grabbing all the attention.

A sensational four-foot-tall sculpture, crafted by Buddhist nun Naowaratkotchaporn Simethawong, aka “Mother Brahmin”, has become the focus of worship in Nakhon Ratchasima province.

Prepare to be amazed as you enter the sacred shrine, where the massive, biologically correct golden female genitalia proudly stands. 

Adorned with engraved prayers and surrounded by eight smaller vaginas, this creation is causing a stir in the community.

And it’s not just about staring at the work of art! Locals flock to this golden wonder, praying fervently for good luck, fertility, radiant beauty, and, of course, a touch of romance. This is a place, they believe, where dreams come true.

But this isn’t the first time that female parts have taken centre stage in the world of worship. 

Medieval Europe had its Sheela Na Gigs, ancient carvings of unclothed women, adorning churches and castles. Yet, this Thai model takes realism to a whole new level.


The devoted have even gone the extra mile by erecting a matching golden penis statue, ensuring a well-rounded spiritual experience. Such was the sensation caused by these provocative monuments that local officials couldn’t help but take notice of it.

Recently, council chief Kanatchon Sijaroen, accompanied by his staff members and a few policemen, paid a visit to the shrine. Their mission? To inspect this magnificent tribute to female power.

Thankfully, after making sure that everything was up to moral standards, the green light was given. However, there was one catch — the statues had to be moved away from a large Buddhist figure to avoid any hint of disrespect.

And what’s the price of basking in the glory of this golden goddess? A mere 500 baht, equivalent to about R270, is the ticket to an otherworldly experience.

Devotees come from far and wide to participate in special ceremonies and prayers, seeking remedies for misfortunes, particularly those women who have gone through the heart-wrenching experience of an abortion.

Mother Brahmin, the artistic mastermind behind this spiritual spectacle, passionately defends her creation.

“We should pay respect to the genitals because they represent the origin of life and abundance in the world,” she proclaims.

Compiled by staff writer

Pictured above: The golden vagina statue

Image source: Twitter

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