‘Boring’ Spanish Grand Prix raises questions 

By Dylan Bettencourt
Sports Editor

Several questions have been raised following the somewhat boring Spanish Grand Prix on Sunday as Max Verstappen raced further away from the pack.

These are the takeaways from the Spanish Grand Prix:

Red Bull’s dominance

Max Verstappen secured his third consecutive victory, extending his lead in the championship. 

Red Bull has shown the potential to win every race in the 2023 season, and Verstappen even acknowledged the possibility. With their current advantage and the weaker state of their competition, an unbeaten season is within reach for Red Bull.

Uncertainty over Mercedes’ upgrades 


Although Mercedes showed improvement with their upgraded W14 car, finishing second (Lewis Hamilton) and third (George Russell) there are still doubts about their overall performance. 

The cool conditions in Barcelona highlighted the limitations of the high-downforce Mercedes car, and qualifying results were not as expected. More evidence is needed to determine if Mercedes is truly back on track.

Lance Stroll’s Aston Martin seat 

The debate over whether Lance Stroll should be replaced at Aston Martin is pointless and tiresome. 

The team exists to serve Stroll, who is owner Lawrence Stroll’s son. As long as Stroll wants to continue in Formula 1 and Aston Martin is aligned with him, he will remain in the team. The arrival of Honda as their engine partner from 2026 adds to the team’s long-term potential.

Sergio Perez’s struggle to match Max Verstappen 

Perez’s initial optimism about challenging for the championship has waned as the gap between him and Verstappen has widened. 

Perez has focused too much on what Verstappen is doing rather than emphasising his own strengths. His recent incidents and lower finishes highlight the difference between a good driver and a great one.

Carlos Sainz’s strong start at Ferrari 

Carlos Sainz has shown strong performances in qualifying, particularly in sessions where tire temperature is critical. 

He has outperformed his teammate Charles Leclerc in such conditions. Despite a challenging race in Monaco, Sainz’s overall season has been solid. It is time to appreciate Sainz for his strengths rather than criticise him for not matching Leclerc’s higher ceiling.

Pictured above: Max’s celebrations

Image source: Red Bull Racing

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