‘Artists must plan for their funerals’ — Sinky Mathe

By Doreen Mokgolo

Seasoned gospel musician Sinky Mathe says struggling artists aren’t serious about planning for their deaths — and this is why he has ventured into the funeral-service industry.

His business has been in operation for over a year, but Mathe says he has not been able to convince his colleagues to take out policies that would give them a dignified send-off. 

“Fellow artists are even called to donate funds towards helping the bereaved family afford… a dignified funeral — something that they could have avoided, had the deceased planned better,” says Mathe.

“Sadly, even today there are artists who still don’t have a funeral cover and when I encourage them to take a cover [from] as little as R80, they mention that they have one.” 

The musician says it is time artists learn from the history of those who were once at the top but whose families couldn’t afford to give them a decent burial. 

“We can’t put our faith in recording labels paying towards our funerals — have that one policy that you know is in place even if the label turns on you.”

Mathe is working on his 15th gospel album, which is set to be released in May. 

Pictured above: Gospel great Sinky Mathe.

Image source: Supplied


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