JZ says ANC has no case against MK logo

By Sihle Mavuso

After a day full of drama, arguments and counterarguments in the Durban High Court, former president Jacob Zuma, the political godfather of the MK party (uMkhonto Wesizwe), slammed the ANC for bringing a weak case to court.

The ANC took MK to court for infringing the copyright of its logos and trademarks.

Zuma was addressing thousands of supporters of the ANC splinter party outside the court shortly after it reserved judgment in the case. 

In his usual style of mocking opponents, Zuma said the ANC brought a case so weak that even their lawyer struggled to argue it on their behalf. 

“It was the first time for me to hear a white person struggling to speak properly in his own English. There was no case there,” Zuma told MK supporters.  

During the lunch break, ANC secretary-general Fikile Mbalula went to address the thousands of ANC supporters gathered at nearby Hoy Park. 

Mbalula bashed Zuma, saying he was supported by the ANC during his tenure as president but later turned against the party.  

At some point in his speech, Mbalula appeared to have resigned himself to the ANC losing its case as he told supporters that even if the party lost, “we would have made our mark”. 

The statement by Mbalula came after the ANC’s legal team admitted that it does not own the copyright of the MK logo – which is now being used by MK for its election campaign – and that it is owned by an entity called Legacy Project.  

The ANC’s legal team argued that MK’s use of the logo would confuse voters, which prompted the judge to ask whether the ANC would use the same logo on the ballot.  

Advocate Dali Mpofu SC, firing back on behalf of MK, claimed the case was not about the logo as the ANC claimed, but about getting MK off the list of political parties to be on the ballot for the 29 May elections.  

The Electoral Court on Tuesday dismissed the ANC’s application for the Independent Electoral Commission to de-register the MK party.

Pictured above: Jacob Zuma wears the MK logo with pride.

Source: Facebook


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