‘Amapiano’s Dracula’? DJ Maphorisa accused of sucking talent dry

In the latest episode of “Podcast and Chill,” MacG sinks his teeth into DJ Maphorisa, calling him the “bloodthirsty Dracula of amapiano”. 

According to MacG, Maphorisa is not the mentor he appears to be but a “vampire” preying on the industry’s fresh blood.

“Phori’s greed knows no bounds. He’s feasting on the young, leaving a trail of disgruntled artists in his wake,” MacG said, suggesting Maphorisa’s studio is more of a trap than a launchpad. 

“If you lay down tracks at Phori’s, he claims them as his own, with his only contribution being the electricity bill,” said MacG.

“His flashy lifestyle could easily fund studios for these artists.”

Despite MacG’s fiery accusations, including a previous claim that Maphorisa acts as the gatekeeper of amapiano, Maphorisa appears confused by the hate. 

“What’s up, @MacGUnleashed? We’ve been tight for years, and I’ve never disrespected you. Why the hate?” Maphorisa responded.

Pictured above: MacG. 

Image source: X


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