Alex’s youngest sangoma takes off where his late aunt left off

Everson Luhanga

Eleven-year-old Kagiso Mampane has accepted his gift and decided to obey the wish of his aunt.

His late aunt, sangoma Zodwa Njokeni who died in February last year wanted to see young Kagiso take the burden of healing people and carry on from where she left off  and started the journey to become a fully qualified sangoma.

Kagiso, who is also a talented DJ, said he has seen so much trouble in the world and he wants to heal people through his special ancestral gift. 

 Known as Dabulamanzi, his ancestral name, he said he has inherited the gift from his aunt.

“I started seeing visions,” he said. 

“My aunt was close and dear to me. Before she died, I used to help her with collecting muthi and moving drums. She still loves me from beyond the grave and she is determined that I must continue with the journey and take up where she left off.”


He said he tried to resist the calling but his aunt told him through dreams that if he doesn’t accept the calling she would come and fetch him.

In November last year, Kagiso was admitted to his gobela’s place where he will go through the initiation process for about eight months.

Kagiso who is inspired to be a soldier when he finishes school said his calling and job inspiration go hand in hand.  

“As a sangoma, I will be healing people from diseases and infections. As a soldier I will be protecting the people of my nation,” he said.

Dabulamanzi’s mother Patricia Mampane who is supporting her son to go through the initiation process spoke to Scrolla.Africa from the indumba of her son’s gobela.

“Kagiso had talent and vision at the same time,” she said.

She said there are priorities.

“First things first. He must go to school and get trained as a full sangoma before continuing his journey in the entertainment world,” she said.

Patricia said Kagiso is not neglecting his school work. 

“He is a top performer in grade five,” she said.

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