Ace will rake in millions sitting at home

Ace Magashule

Zukile Majova

At a cool R130,000 a month, Ace Magashule stands to get about R2.5 million while sitting at home waiting for the December 2022 elective conference.

This is the trap the already cash-strapped ANC falls into by suspending party leaders on full pay while they fight court battles.

The suspended secretary general is not the only one.

Suspending executives on full pay has become endemic in the ANC and its government which had 6,344 employees suspended in the 2020/2021 financial year, running up a bill of R2.4 billion on salaries of suspended officials.

This is in sharp contrast to the situation in which ANC staffers find themselves.

Just last month ANC General Manager Febe Potgieter issued an email to all staff at Luthuli House that read: “Due to financial difficulties, the uncertainty regarding the exact date of payment of salaries is likely to continue for the coming three to six months.”

The letter dated 30 April 2021 was already five days late as pay day would have been on 25 April.

In July 2020, ANC staffers had to make arrangements with their landlords and creditors as the June 2020 payroll had been delayed and the uncertainty persisted through the festive season into January 2021.

It is against this backdrop that the implementation of the step aside rule in its current form could see many compromised leaders suspended but still draining the coffers of the party.

ANC spokesperson Pule Mabe says he does not yet know how many letters of suspension the office of secretary Jessie Duarte is sending out as those details will be presented to the NEC this weekend.

Picture source: @magashule_ace